BME Design Fellows

Undergraduate program, Last Taught: 2021

The BME Design Fellows program was starting in Spring 2018 to help augment the preparation of our students for careers in the medical device design industry.


The BME Design Fellows program was starting in the Spring 2018 semester. It strives to accomplish several things:

  • Expand Duke BME’s traditional one-semester design experience to two semesters.
  • Augment device prototyping skills in CAD, ECAD and PCB development.
  • Introduce design sooner in a student’s undergraduate experience, making them more competative for rising senior summer internships.
  • Allow students to take advanced design electives in manufacturing, medical software development, regulatory or QMS.

Online Applications

Application for this program occurs during the junior fall semester. Applications are available online to complete during the month of September using this online form.

Departmental Website

The offical departmental website for this program can be found here: