Updated: 2021-01-08

The RSNA Quantitative Imaging Biomarker Alliance (QIBA) strives to improve the clinical value of using imaging systems as measurement systems. Since its inception, I have been working as part of the Ultrasound Shear Wave Speed (US SWS) Biomarker Committee to investigate bias and variance between different manufacturer systems using SWS as a metric to evaluate liver fibrosis.

This effort has led to the development of digital phantoms of shear wave propagation generated from impulsive acoustic radiation force excitations in elastic and viscoelastic media.

Most recently, our efforts to study many different SWS imaging systems in calibrated elastic and viscoelastic tissue-mimicking phantoms was published in the Journal of Ultrasound in Medicine: “Radiological Society of North America/Quantitative Imaging Biomarker Alliance Shear Wave Speed Bias Quantication in Elastic and Viscoelastic Phantoms”.